Police shoot knife-wielding man in Amsterdam

Police shot a 40-year-old man wielding a knife in the leg on Saturday night on the Hoofdweg in Amsterdam-West.

The incident took place around 11 p.m. close to the police station West Overtoomsesluis when the suspect climbed on top of a police car.

Presumably, he had also punctured the tires of the police car with the knife. “But we have look at the camera footage to see if this did indeed occur”, a police spokesperson said to AT5. “We still have to take a look at the person’s background. I understood from my colleagues that he displayed confused behavior. But that still needs to be proven.”

When officers wanted to speak with the man, he ran towards the officers with a knife in his hand.

“The situation was so dangerous that a colleague had to shoot the man in his leg”, the police spokesperson said. The man received first-aid from officers who used a compression bandaid to prevent the suspect from losing too much blood. An ambulance and trauma team were called to transport the man to hospital.

The suspect from Amsterdam was not in critical condition. A part of the Hoofdweg was provisionally closed off for police investigation.