Elderly couple fined £100 for 7-minute stay as machine ‘wouldn’t take cash’

An OAP couple has been slapped with a £100 fine after parking for parking up for just seven minutes while they tried to feed money into a parking meter.

Pensioner Ann Bonnett got back onto her car with husband Terry and decided to try a different parking spot.

But to her disgust an unwelcome £100 fine landed on her doormat around a week later – something she’s branded “outrageous”.

Teesside Live said the 85-year-old had parked her car in the Dovecot Street car park in central Stockton-on-Tees as she took husband Terry, 87, for a haircut.

She said: “My husband couldn’t get the money in, I couldn’t get it in, it just would not accept it.

“My husband said we can’t park here, we will have to go to another car park, which we did.

“Last week we got a parking ticket, it says (we stayed) seven minutes.

“We just couldn’t get the money in, we just thought it was ridiculous.

“It says ‘time in car park seven minutes’.”

She added: “They said you can pay by mobile phone but we haven’t got a mobile phone.

“If we had stayed there for two hours then fair enough.

“We tried £1 coins and £2 coins, we tried about 10 and it just wouldn’t accept them.”

A letter sent to the couple’s home informed them they face a £100 fine for the seven-minute breach, or £60 if it’s paid promptly.

Mrs Bonnett said she feels the fact they are elderly was not taken into consideration and described the situation as “outrageous”.

A Parking Eye spokesman said: “The motorist appealed on the 20th , which has since been reviewed and the PCN has been cancelled.”