Texans keep media in dark during OTAs

The Texans have taken a decidedly Patriotic turn.

With Nick Caserio coming from New England to Houston, secrecy has descended on Houston. The media covering the Texans got a taste of it on Thursday, at the first OTA session that they’ve been invited to attend under the new regime.

“For the first time in 45 years of covering the NFL, I’m seeing something new,” John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said on Twitter. “Media allowed to attend our first Texans OTA, and we’re given rosters with no numbers for players. Names with no numbers next to them with almost 50 new players. Idiotic!”

It’s all part of the games that some teams will play to make it harder for anything meaningful to make its way from the practice field to the Internet, or wherever. And it’s just a piece of the broader new reality with which folks covering the Texans will have to adjust.