Girl gang ordered to wear electronic tags for drunkenly kicking woman senseless

An all-girl gang has been ordered to wear electronic tags to embarass them into staying indoors at night after a brutal attack on one of the trio’s former ‘love rivals.’

Alisha Walker, 23, and pals Courtney Moss and Ella Newcombe, both 24, savaged victim Courtney Samuels in an unprovoked 3am ambush.

The victim was left with multiple bruised after the trio accosted her outside a bar as revellers were going home after an evening clubbing in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Miss Samuels, 23, was knocked to the floor before being repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on after Walker identified her as someone who once unwittingly shared a cheating boyfriend with her.

The victim lost consciousness during the beating and can recollect little of the attack.

She has recovered from her injuries but was was said to have been left feeling “very anxious.”

Walker, Moss and Newcombe, all of Little Hulton, had earlier been out together in Bolton and it is believed Moss was planning to drive her friends home when the attack occurred.

CCTV captured the moment Moss and Newcombe leapt out of a car to join in the assault after Walker pushed over Miss Samuels in the street.

Bolton Crown Court heard the incident on July 17, 2020, began after Walker spotted Miss Samuels outside Yates Bar with a friend at the end of a night out.

Prosecutor Anna Bond said the three defendants beat her unconscious and the victim’s pal told officers at the scene she saw the trio stamping on Miss Samuels’ head.

“She had been outside Yates Bar when Miss Walker came up and attacked her causing her to fall to the floor,” Miss Bond told the court.

“The other two defendants then joined in and were also stamping on her head. She couldn’t remember anything else and was rendered unconscious.

“Police described it as an unprovoked attack initiated by Miss Walker, resulting in her hitting the victim to the floor and followed by the two other two who exited from a vehicle and joined in the kicking.

“The victim said she could think of no reason why the assault took place save for an argument which had occurred between herself and Miss Walker many years ago over a boy – but she had regarded that as water under the bridge.”

Miss Samuels was treated in Royal Bolton Hospital for multiple bruises and abrasions, and suffered facial and head swelling as well as tenderness to her chest.

She under went a CT scan to check for potential severe head injuries but results came back clear.

Moss was detained after CCTV operators who tracked her Ford Fiesta car after the assault saw her leaving it in an alleyway.

Walker and Newcombe were arrested at a nearby taxi rank.

All initially denied involved in the attack.

Newcombe told police she saw Walker ‘fighting’ with Miss Samuels and was attempting to separate them.

In mitigation for Walker and Newcombe, defence lawyer Martin Pizzey said: “There is some history to this which goes back a long time to when Miss Walker had a boyfriend who was the world to her and that age she saw nothing else but that relationship.

“It transpires Mis Samuels had a relationship with this young man at the same time behind Miss Walker’s back and that resulted in a long protracted problem.

“The complainant thought it was water under the bridge and Miss Walker did make a great effort to to repair her life too.

“But she had an unpleasant experience with social media, comments being made behind her back and people saying certain things and a variety of other issues. All this had a significant impact on her and at that point in her young life it had been hell for her.

“On the night in question Miss Walker had been out with her friends and was on her way home. She accepts she was in drink but was not intent on causing and trouble.

“She was actually unaware of the complainant standing on then opposite side of the road and then had a recollection of something being said and she over-reacted.

“Miss Newcombe then entered the scene and could see Miss Walker and the complainant on the floor and as not able to assess who was attacking who and got involved. She initially intended to pull Miss Walker away but then engaged in the attack.”

Mitigating for Moss, Anna Chestnutt said: “She knows there is justification or excuse for her behaviour. Her relationship had broken down at the time and she had been sofa-surfing at the time. She is mortified and disgusted with herself for what she has done.”

All three women admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and were each ordered to wear the tags as part of a four month 8pm-6am curfew.

They were each sentenced to 36 weeks jail suspended for two years and complete 25 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement Days.

Sentencing Judge Martin Walsh told the trio it was fortunate the victim’s injuries were not more severe.

He imposed the electronic tags to “embarrass” them into staying indoors at night.

“The consequences of this, unintended as it might have been, could have been utterly catastrophic,” he added.